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common errors

Page history last edited by Michael Griffin 12 years, 7 months ago


His drunken behavior was shamed.

His drunken behaviour was embarrassing.

               Behavior cant be shamed.

               Drunken is fine as long as it comes before the noun.

  Ex. drunken tiger, drunken sailor, drunken mistake, drunken fool.



Last night I was very drunken.

I was really drunk last night.

I drank too much last night.

               See above about drunken.


Im playing golf with my friends everyday.

I play golf with my friends every day.

               The first sentence has two problems. If I do it every day, I should use simple present tense.

               The second problem is the difference between every day and everyday. Every day is used to talk about how often we do something.

               Everyday is an adjective to describe a usual, common, normal occurrence. 


Today was very tired.

Today was very tiring.

I was very tired today.

               Days cannot be tired.     


Ive been to Japan last year.

I went to Japan last year.

I have been to Japan 3 times.

               For specific completed actions we should use simple past tense.


I want to speak as possible as I can.

I want to speak as much as possible.

               As far as I know, "as possible as I can" is not really English. 


He has much stress.

He has a lot of stress.

               I cannot say that, "much stress" is strictly wrong. I can safely say that "a lot of stress" is much more common.


Love is important more than money.  

Love is more important than money.

 Love is important. More than money (is). 

               X is more important than Y.


Almost students like drinking.

Almost all students like drinking.

Most students like drinking.

Almost all the students in the class like drinking.

               What are almost students? They are not students!


How do you think about smoking in public?

What do you think about smoking in public?

               How do you think about something sounds like I want to know how your brain works.


How do you think about Lee Myung-Park?  

How do you feel about Lee Myung-Park?

               See above.


My cat was dead.

My cat is dead.

                My cat was dead means that it is living now and it was dead for a while.


My dog was died last week.

My dog died last week. 

My dog was killed last week. 

              I cannot imagine using "was died" in sentence.


I have ever been to abroad.

I have been abroad.

Have you ever been abroad?

I have never been abroad.

               With abroad we don't need a preposition.

               Also, when making an affirmative sentence we shouldn't use ever.


I tripped to China last year.

I took a trip to China last year.

               Trip as a verb means to (almost) fall over.


My sister got married two years before.

My sister got married two years ago.

My sister got married two years before my brother did.

               Before when? It sounds like we need to compare something.


I will get married two years later. 

I will get married in two years.

I will get married two years later than I thought.

              Later than when? 


Are you agree with me?

Do you agree with me?

Are you in agreement with me? 

               Are you agree is wrong.


 How many time do you use the internet a day?

How much time do you spend online a day?

 How many times do you use the Internet a day?

             Time is uncountable in this way.


When I was middle school I very liked baseball.

I liked baseball very much when I was in middle school.

              I was never middle school. I very liked ____ is not good English.


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