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sentence meanings

Page history last edited by BestStudentEver 12 years, 6 months ago

Here are the sentences that we worked with.

I hope that everyone is clear about the meanings.


Please feel free to add example sentences and/or explanations and I will correct them.

Of course, if you have a question, please let me know and I will explain. 



I want to make a girlfriend. --> I want to be a doctor who can make a girl friend.

I want to get a girlfriend.  --> I want to hang out with a girl who I can kiss and hug.


I am worried about that. 

I worry about that.             

I worried about that.         


She disrespected me.         

She ignored me.


Are you married?

Did you get married?


She is famous.

She is popular.


I believe in ghosts.

I believe ghosts.


I have to apologize to her. --> I have to apologize to her because I did something wrong to her.

I have to apologize for her. --> I have to apologize to a third person for her because she did something wrong to the third person.


I have plans at 3:00. --> I am going to eat lunch with my friend at 3.

I have an appointment at 3:00. --> I am going to meet my dentist at 3.


Please explain it to me.

Please explain me.


I am stressful.

It was stressful.

I am stressed out.


She kicked him.

She broke up with him.


She is wearing glasses.

She wears glasses every day.

She is putting on glasses.


They are divorced.

They are separated.


I almost did my homework.

I almost did all my homework.


He has to prepare for five tests this week.

He has to prepare five tests this week.

He has to study for five tests this week.






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